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How to Make Money Online in Pakistan?

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan?


As we can’t predict the Country’s economy it can be unstable at any time and we are facing an unstable economy in Pakistan for many years. In recent times, COVID-19 hit badly economy all over the world. Moreover, jobs and businesses also face ups and downs in a poor economy. So, you need to be prepared to encounter an unpredictable turn of events, and your own business still provides a way to make money in difficult times. A major example of this is the Covid-19 pandemic, where a number of employees laid off by companies and they are struggling with empty pockets. This situation also clears one more thing to us that you can’t afford a lavish and stable lifestyle in a single source of income. With part-time income or making money online from home give comfort and helps a lot to make better your lifestyle.

It’s a dream job to get money online at home. Isn’t it? If you have no work today, or if you are a housewife who won’t go out for the job but still wants to contribute to making her family lifestyle better, or if you are a teacher looking for a job or just a student needing to pay for an education. For someone, online earnings can be the same as filling the financial holes and he can adopt it as a career. It is not easy to earn online, but we know this can definitely be achievable. You will only be able to earn online with patience, persistence, and perseverance. “Slow and steady wins the race” perfectly fits to earn from online.

So, Come to the main question “How to Make Money Online in Pakistan? There are several ways to earn money online in Pakistan but you need to know detailed information in that field in which you are interested and want to become an expert. So, you can do your best to earn online money.

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan

Following are some of the ways to earn money online for people who are looking for it. There are multiple ways to earn online money in Pakistan. Let’s explore different ways together, check here How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan.

  • Freelancing

Pakistan has ranked the fourth most rapidly growing, independent market, with independent revenue growth of 47% over the last year. Freelance is one of the most common and real ways to earn money online from home in Pakistan. The independence and flexibility it provides is the great thing about working as a freelancer online. You can not only work on your own schedule but also can choose skills for work according to interest.

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

Many independent jobs are available online where you can freelance your skills such as Graphic Designing, Web Designing, and SEO to writing research reports and articles, and many more. Websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer connect employers and job seekers on a single website, which facilitates their needs respectively. For freelancing, you just need to learn a skill to start your online earning. Learn a skill and register yourself on different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance to get jobs or projects. This needs really patience in the start but your completed jobs and clients’ positive review add benefit to your profile which really helps you to get more jobs. In Pakistan, the freelance industry is going to boost in the coming years. Govt also has announced to establish an IT Hub for freelancers and also some private incubators are working in different cities. If you are interested in freelancing then I will recommend you to join “Extreme Commerce” incubators in major cities or join the “Extreme Commerce” group on Facebook to get help and learning new skills for freelancing. This is the best place to get opportunities to earn money online for free in Pakistan.

  • Content Writing

Search an “online content writing jobs” or “content writing” and you will see huge results from Google. In Pakistan and other countries, many organizations always search writers for quality content. Content writing will always be a huge market. Many companies actually want to outsource this service rather than have their own internal content creator.

You can work full or part-time, depending on the nature of the company or task. Strong language and a sense of research are important for writing articles. To write on a specific topic, it is not mandatory to be an expert for that you only need to learn research techniques and strong command of language. Companies will hire you to work for keywords according to SEO and to write content on their topics.

Make Money Online in Pakistan with content writing

Let me explain this with a perfect example. Suppose your boss expects you to be a content writer and want you to write an article on “online earning”. No need to be worried if you don’t have detailed knowledge. Make the relevant searches, watch the videos, Within a few hours, you can get the best material for the article and can write the article easily. You need to be a dedicated and researched person to become a pro content writer.

The jobs for content writing are highly in demand. If you write quality content then you can easily get an online job and can earn well. Your work will never stop if your employer likes your content.

  • Data Entry

The Data entry requires relatively little practice and training. It is very easy to learn and start. There is no comprehensive education is required to start Data entry work. You can make a profile and start searching for easy typing jobs. A lot of data entry work can be found in Pakistan. The best way to make online money in Pakistan is through data entry work. For this job, you just have to have basic computer skills.

earn online money with How to Make Money Online in Pakistan
Data Work

You can use freelancer, Upwork, and some other platforms to search data entry jobs and can earn from the website. For Pakistan students, data entry jobs are best, You will also have a person who’s doing data entry work in a social circle.

Almost everyone is interested in working online after this pandemic; there are online few skills you need to start Data entry work online. Check here the skills you need to learn for data entry.

  1. Computer Handling
  2. Good Typing Speed and Techniques
  3. Good Communication Skills to interact, Employer or Client,
  4. High Tolerance for Repetition
  5. Software Skills
  • Make Money Online With E-Currencies

Electronic currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others, are becoming successful and very popular among Pakistanis. Pakistan is also an investor in electronic currency. Through online electronic currency, many people are earning millions all over the world. You can make online money with Digital currency in two ways. One is free of charge, but the drawback is that you might earn a good deal of money or not.

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan
E currency

In the free method, you have to engage in airdrops. What are airdrops? Airdrops will give you free coins or money, you need to only fill in the form and share your post with your friends. The main concern is to “How you will find the airdrops?” You simply look for “free cryptocurrency airdrops” on google. Many websites are available on the internet to fill out the form.

The second method is the fast way to make money from digital currencies, you need to invest in electronic currencies, go to and invest in any and currency.

  • Make YouTube Channel

There are approximately 1,300,000,000 people in total using YouTube. Every minute 300 videos are uploaded to YouTube. Every day, on YouTube, almost 5 billion videos are viewed. The best thing is YouTube is the second biggest website in the world and attracts over 30 million users a day. To make money on YouTube, you do not need millions of followers or subscribers.

Earn from Youtube

Try a few valuable ideas such as DIY ideas, guidelines, recipes or tricks, unwrapping devices, product reviews, music videos, travel, and food reviews, or even comedies and jokes that will make you laugh.

You need to follow these steps to make money from YouTube:

  1. Create your YouTube channel with live videos,  Start to make videos, and continuously uploading videos.
  2. It is important to ensure the high quality and entertainment of your content.
  3. You will definitely have a social account on Facebook or Instagram like any other person in this generation.
  4. Share your channel and ask friends to join you on YouTube.
  5. Share your channel and ask friends to join you on YouTube.
  6. If these things have been done, the next step in the process is to make your business more profitable and allow YouTube to add advertisements to the videos you upload. Whenever a user clicks the ad, profit will be shared.
  • Tax Services Offering

You can effectively help organizations and people to complete taxes whether you are an economics or accountant master. Professional tax services are not available everywhere, unlike many companies and other nations.

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

But expectations and availability differ in the market.  People need quality and reliable tax services in Pakistan. In the newspapers, you can simply publish online your service offer and start calling customers. Customers can easily earn money by Filing online income tax payments.

  • Remote Customer Service Support

Currently, many international companies are looking for outstanding sellers. You do not need to work with quality service only in the offices. Online support is needed for every online business. There are jobs available for this position and these activities can be performed from home. It’s a good career opportunity for a call center. One excellent piece of advice for newbies beginning their careers in call centers is to learn customer skills.

Earn online from Customer Services

You need to connect to a specific product or service for a certain amount of hours to perform this role. The company will recruit you to provide services to their end clients. You are the one with whom consumers speak while calling or chatting online.

The company also wants you to work with them for a few months to ensure that you can promote their product remotely. The company will definitely pay you for your services.

  • Social Media Marketing

Each company needs a profile in social networks today. if you can handle the social media account then you can earn with this online work.  Find a local company to serve as a social media manager and earn money through digital marketing.

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

You just need to handle the social media accounts of the company. You will promote the company products through paid ads as it wants to market.

Marketing in social media needs an understanding of social media platforms. You should be an expert in a month if you’re a beginner. Check Google for everything relevant to social media marketing. It also can be defined as one of the best zero investment online business modes.

  • Academic Write-Ups

Yeah, education is also a way to make money in Pakistan online. Do you know that students worldwide hire people to work on their homework and thesis projects? Millions of students around the world have to submit assignments and research papers. Students need assistance all the time for education. You will probably have to connect directly with students seeking academic writing services or connect to various websites.

Earn from Academic write-ups

You can support them with the academic papers for a certain amount of fee. It’s difficult but is one of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan. It is also the best online job for students to earn money at home with their studies.

The free websites provide educational work to many people.  They are employing staff, as many people in the UK, Pakistan, the USA, and the Middle East, to make their homework complete or to write a report according to students’ needs.  Writing education is fantastic for students since they learn new things and get paid.

  • Blogging

Blogging is one of the best methods for earning money online. You can create your own blog and post on various websites. How you want to make money is up to you, it’s the best way to earn money online without investment. You need strong writing skills if you want to start your own blog. Create various posts, such as a blog relating to news, or a commentary on products/services, or a celebrity blog, or traveling.  You can write whatever you like but that must be unique and attractive.

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

You can make your own blog by accessing WordPress if you want a blog site. After 5 to 6 months, you’ll earn money by serving advertisements and making money on your blog.

You just need to access the WordPress of the website then you can add your blog directly. Just write about your area of interest. It depends on how the blog is being marketed then it will attract the people, they will visit and will read your posts if people like.

  • Earn Online From E-Commerce Websites

You may need a small investment, but it’s worth an investment. Many e-commerce websites such as Daraz where you can sell the products as third a party vendor and can gain profit via the marketplace. Through purchasing wholesale, you can spend some of your money on products that trend on the website. Take photos, upload, and wait once you receive orders on Daraz and related websites. By selling these products in bulk, you will earn a good deal. These platforms take just a small cut and manage everything from the delivery of products. This is Pakistan’s fastest place to get earn online if you invest in the good stuff.

Earn online from Ecommerce Web
E sites

These are some of the ways you can get from home in Pakistan online. it’s all about how much you are an expert in it. You can do something more from home and have a chance if there is something other than this option. You have to be sharp and creative, and also can sell your stuff only on different social media platforms.  These home online jobs are best for students, female householders, or others who want to be their own boss.

  • Virtual Assistance 
earn money online in Pakistan from VA
Virtual Services

That’s another freelance option that is in extreme demand nowadays. Virtual help involves multiple roles. The potential employer will use the data entry, schedule administration, personal support, email communications, basic welfare, and customer care, etc. depending on the task. You need to develop good communication and time management skills. However, it probably pays well.

You will enter many Facebook groups from all over the world in which people search for a VA. Free training from YouTube and many other sites and can be performed in a Virtual Assistance role.

  • Developing Websites & Apps

To earn money online in Pakistan through the development of websites and apps is not easy. You need to have the skills to develop websites and apps. In Pakistan, it’s not easy to earn money online through websites and apps development. You need to develop websites and applications with skills. This is the best way to make online money in Pakistan if you learn skills to design a website or an app.

Earn online from websites-and-apps
Web development

It is the best way to earn money online in Pakistan as a student through the development of websites and applications for various customers worldwide. Now your next question would be “How will I get the job?” Simple make a profile on every freelance website and bid for various projects to international clients as well as can get projects from local customers.

You should simply register for quick courses to learn this skill or you are already a pro in website and app designing then start this work. You can create a chance to make an income from home with these skills.  Small and multinational companies are hiring independent designers to work on their logos and websites. And believe me, freelancers are mostly creating amazing and outstanding projects. Photoshop has been one of the most frequently used web design tools.

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